Weekly Roundup Vol. 3: Effects on Students, OSHA Fines, Second Waves

Sep 25, 2020 12:51:00 PM
Here is a quick recap of stories around the nation to keep you up to date on key COVID-19 news for teachers, parents, and school administrators:
Mercury News: OSHA has begun fining employers for gaps in COVID-19 response. Read more
SFGate: With growing lack of clarity around what schools are reopening when, San Francisco’s Department of Public Health launches its first interactive dashboard tools for parents and schools to track reopening. Read more
New York Times: Reviews the results of Miami-Dade County, Florida school district that chose to fully re-open. Read more
USA TODAY: An introspective look at the effects on students as they move to virtual and mix blend attendance. Read more
Medical Press: Reports that contact tracing apps have failed to deliver as Europe faces its second wave of COVID-19 infections. Read More
PBS: A thoughtful look at how equitable access affects disadvantaged students as more schools move to virtual learning. Read more
What else have you read this week? Feel free to share any links in the comments.

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