COVID-19 Variant Symptoms

Stan Adams
Feb 5, 2021 4:19:59 PM

COVID new strain symptoms: Experts have investigated the signs a person might have the COVID-19 virus looking at those with the original strain along side other variants. Worryingly they have discovered the symptoms found can differ depending on which type of the virus a person has. Latest data reveals the main symptoms to look out for with the new variant.

The UK Express recently reported on the most recent data analysis across all known COVID-19 variants in the wild. What they have learned is that the variants manifest their symptoms differently then the base infection.
For example, symptoms like cough, fatigue, weakness, and sore throat were likely to be more severe for the variant strains, but abdominal pain, loss of taste, and loss of smell were either less severe on not present.
This troubles medical response teams as loss of taste and smell are primary indicators of a probable COVID-19 infection from the original strain.


In response to these studies, researches are calling for an expansion of symptoms and severity so that medical response teams and individuals know what to look for in detail.
In example, there is no evidence of difference between the virus variants and shortness of breath, stomach issues, or headaches.
However, the new variants are more likely to cause upper respiratory tract infections that bring on coughing and other cold like symptoms.
I have included the symptom chart from the WHO here so you can get a better idea of what to look for as we move through cold
and flu season.
For us here at QuantaSTAT, we will continue to monitor the researcher’s results and as new indicators arise, we will ensure our
clearance app is up to date with the very best science-based symptom tracking available to us.
If your organization or school has not yet selected an OSHA approved clearance solution for your team, I encourage you to
reach out to us. We can help you get started.
Until next time, stay vigilant and let’s do all we can to reduce the spread.
to learn more about preventing COVID-19 at your workplace.


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