Do You Know Where Your Assets Are? We do.

Beth Mahler
Mar 23, 2021 4:15:00 AM

Hospitals are complex businesses―with open doors 24/7 and the critical mission to provide quality care and keep everyone who enters safe and secure. Your people, patients, physical assets, and clinical resources are constantly in motion―quite a juggling act—with each decision and action affecting the next. Too often, unnecessary capital is spent locating assets and diverting staff to unproductive “hunting and gathering” tasks. The results: costs soar, quality of patient care suffers, and employee morale is sacrificed. Your hospital simply cannot afford to operate under these conditions. 

QuantaSTAT’s cloud-based platform will enhance your hospital’s clinical and financial performance as well as your clinical workflow, resulting in an immediate and compelling return on investment. This solution will transform workflow efficiencies and resource allocation. Transform? 

Consider how Uber has changed our concept of personal transportation. 1998: Don't get in a car with strangers 2008: Don't meet people from the internet alone 2019: UBER.. Order yourself a stranger from the internet to get into a car with alone

A couple of decades ago, the prevailing wisdom was, “Don’t get into a car with strangers.” Ten years later, we upgraded to “Don’t meet people from the internet alone.” Today, we do not think twice about ordering ourselves strangers from the internet and eagerly hopping into a car alone with them.

Just as Uber now delivers the right vehicle to the right person at the right place at the right time, the QuantaSTAT’s cloud-based solution is as transformative to hospital operations as Uber was to personal transportation.  

QuantaSTAT’s clinical-grade cloud-based platform helps healthcare organizations locate the right equipment, the right provider, or the right patient from a myriad of applications, such as the EHR, page or nurse call, and security systems. QuantaSTAT’s automated tracking of critical metrics and workflow can eliminate hours of searching and repetitive calls to locate people and equipment. By reducing the search hours for key assets and people, providers can concentrate on delivering care with diminished patient wait times.

Right time, right place, right people. It is a simple concept but a total game changer―just like Uber.

Asset Management and the 4 P’s

With QuantaSTAT’s cloud-based solution, you can have an asset management platform for your personnel, patients, places, and possessions (the 4 P’s). 

Eliminate wasted staff time spent searching for equipment by making your assets visible. Quickly locate equipment even behind closed doors. Reduce shrinkage and minimize the cost of equipment rentals. 

All made possible by technology that delivers the precise location by segmenting spaces into meaningful zones, rooms, bays, nursing stations, beds, and any relevant workflow areas. The technology provides the location in real time, empowering caretakers to act quickly at the press of a button.

Learn more about how QuantaSTAT can transform your asset management.

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