QuantaSTAT wins the NIST 2019 Tech to Protect Challenge

Stan Adams
May 7, 2020 4:45:00 PM

San Francisco/Bay Area, May 7, 2020 - Friday May 1st, 2020, QuantSTAT Inc, a healthcare and first responder technology provider, won the NIST Tech to Protect Challenge in the category of  Organizing Chaos: Calming Catastrophe by Tracking Patient Triage.

QuantaSTAT’s easy to use, patient triage and tracking system was showcased during the NIST competition. Key areas of interest for mass casualty event planning is the ability for QuantaSTAT to quickly triage patients on a typical mobile device, using approved EMR questions and have patient information instantly available for both emergency response command centers and connected medical facilities. QuantaSTAT also provides a way for first responders to communicate patient status and locations for loved ones seeking to reunite with victims.

QuantaSTAT for First Responders is part of the QuantaSTAT family of products built specifically for the emergency response field. The full QuantaSTAT product suite is designed to better support ongoing community health by modernizing core support technology.

QuantaSTAT Product family:

  • QuantaSTAT First Responder -Patient triage, tracking and communication tools for the first responder community
  • QuantaSTAT Research - Epidemiology tools for tracking, data profiling and symptom monitoring of populations
  • QuantaSTAT Equipment - Asset tracking and support for lab and hospital environments including medical devices, laboratory equipment and healthcare equipment

To learn more about how companies can help improve the effectiveness of First Responders everywhere, please watch the NIST video.




About QuantaSTAT

QuantaSTAT is a geocentric data sharing platform specific to the collaboration needs of the medical industry including: First Responders, Government Public Safety Agencies, Hospitals, Pharma and Medical Device. For more information about QuantaSTAT, please visit www.QuantaSTAT.com


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