Adapting to Life During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stan Adams
Dec 10, 2020 5:15:00 PM

This year, we have all had to deal with major changes in how we live our lives and have had to adapt to life during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Among the long lists of activities that have changed is how we exercise and participate in athletic events. Recently, QuantaSTAT's parent company, Relola, developed an application to enable an organization to host facilitate a virtual charity run.

The organization, The Financial Industry in Tokyo (FIT) for Charity, was established in 2005 and has hosted their FIT for Charity Run events every year since. Like many organizations, FIT for Charity Run could not operate the same way that they have in the past and needed to evolve to meet the challenges that go along with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosting a charity run, or any type of running event, typically entails many people coming together in one place. With COVID-19, this is not currently an option, so FIT for Charity turned to Relola to help them develop an app for a virtual event.

In years past, their charity run, like most running events we are familiar with, has happened on a particular date at a particular location. This year, they decided to host a virtual run to span the month of December.

FIT for Charity wanted to give their participants the ability to connect with other participants even though they were running, biking, or walking at different times in different locations—some even across the world!

With Relola’s help, FIT for Charity participants are able to track their activity on a map and post images. This allows participants to connect with others and see how their team ranks against other organizations.

While the pandemic has taken an enormous toll on society, there have been exciting instances of people evolving and figuring out how to make things work during a pandemic. FIT was able to successfully pull off an event that may have looked different from earlier events, but still embodied the spirit of bringing people together by leveraging technology and reimagining the logistics of what the event could be. On the plus side, participants have more flexibility with how and when they participate!

While we wait for vaccines to be widely available, we must continue to look for ways to adapt and cope.

Until next time, stay vigilant, and let's do everything we can to stop the spread.

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