Weekly Roundup: Bumpy Road Ahead, Vaccine Distribution, Impact of Pandemic on Children

Dec 18, 2020 1:15:00 AM
Here is a quick recap of the latest COVID-19 news for schools and beyond:

  1. NBC News, Covid is Having a Devastating Impact on Children — and the Vaccine Won't Fix Everything, by Erin Einhorn
  2. The New York Times, Opinion: Find Your Place in the Vaccine Line, by Stuart A. Thompson
  3. The Wall Street Journal, Teacher Shortage Compounds Covid Crisis in Schools, by Valerie Bauerlein and Yoree Koh
  4. The Atlantic, How Science Beat the Virus, by Ed Yong
  5. Education Weekly, The Incredible Shrinking COVID-19 Relief Package for Schools?, by Andrew Ujifusa
  6. The Economist, The Year Everything Changed
  7. USA Today, Snow Days Canceled because of COVID-19 Online School? Not in these School Districts by Elinor Aspegren

What else have you read this week? Feel free to share any links in the comments.

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