Weekly Roundup: School Nurses, Flu Vaccines, and Mask Data

Oct 8, 2020 7:59:55 PM
Here is a quick recap of the latest COVID-19 news for schools and beyond:

  1. The New York Times, Now Taking Stage in the Pandemic: The School Nurse, by Perri Klass, M.D.
  2. National Geographic, Will We Ever Trust Crowds Again?, by Philip Kiefer
  3. EdSource, The Next Big Hurdle: California Schools Grapple with How, When, or If to Reopen Campuses, by EdSource Staff
  4. The Washington Post, How COVID-19 has Affected School Budgets so Far — and What Lies Ahead Without More Federal Aid, by Valerie Strauss
  5. NPR, Could The Live Flu Vaccine Help You Fight Off COVID-19?, by Michaeleen Doucleff
  6. The New York Times, How to Identify the Different Symptoms of the Flu and COVID-19, by Donald G. McNeil Jr.
  7. Nature, Face Masks: What the Data Says, by Lynne Peeples

What else have you read this week? Feel free to share any links in the comments.

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