Weekly Roundup Vol 2: What's the Latest News in Schools?

Sep 18, 2020 2:06:00 PM

What's going on in schools this week?

For teachers, educators, students, and parents interested in the latest news on schools, here's our roundup of articles for your reference:

  1. The Associated Press, Schools that are mostly Black, Latino favor starting online, by Kalyn Belsha and Gabrielle LaMARR LeMEE of Chalkbeat, and Michael Rubinkam and Larry Fenn of The Associated Press
  2. The Washington Post, Coronavirus cases spike among school-age children in Florida, while state orders some counties to keep data hidden, by Lori Rozsa and Valerie Strauss
  3. NPR, Why Are So Many Americans Hesitant To Get A COVID-19 Vaccine?
  4. Today, These summer camps stayed safe from COVID-19. What lessons can schools learn?, by Kerry Breen
  5. The New York Times, How Colleges Became the New Covid Hot Spots, by Shawn Hubler and Anemona Hartocollis
  6. Axios, CDC: Kids can spread coronavirus to their households, by Caitlin Owens
  7. Vox, Remote school has kids isolated and stressed. Here’s how to help., by Anna North 

What else have you read this week? Feel free to share any links in the comments.

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